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.NET Training Course Content 61 Topics    
Topic Hours/Day
.Net Framework Overview 3
Types of applications developed using .Net Framework 3
Why to go for .Net instead of other technologies 3
.Net Framework Class Library 3
CLR, CTS, MSIL, JIT - Explanation 3
Why Windows Forms?“Hello, World” – C# Program and Structure of C# Program 3
Compiling and executing C# Program without using Visual Studio 3
Why do we need Visual Studio 3
Data Types in C# 3
Operators in C# 3
Control Structures in C# [Conditional Statements, Loops] 3
Types of Variables – Value Type and Reference Types, Stack, Heap Concepts 3
Functions 3
Arrays 3
Collections in C# 3
Generics in C# 3
Lambda Expressions 3
LINQ (Language Integrated Query) 3
Exception Handling in C# 3
Class, Object Concepts 3
Access Modifiers – public, private, protected, internal, etc., 3
Static Class, Static Methods 3
Abstract Class, Sealed Class 3
Interfaces 3
Inheritance 3
Polymorphism – Method Overloading, Method Overriding 3
Delegates – Single Cast Delegates, Multi Cast Delegates 3
Properties in C# 3
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) 3
JavaScript 3
CSS Basics 3
Database Concepts – Introduction 3
Data Types in SQL Server 3
Types of Commands in SQL [DDL, DML, DCL, TCL] 3
Writing Queries in SQL Server 3
Joins in SQL Server [Inner Join, Outer Join, etc.,] 3
Stored Procedures 3
ADO.NET Architecture, Connected and disconnected architecture 3
Connecting to database from UI 3
5 Main Concepts – DataSet, Connection, Command, DataAdapter, DataReader 3
GridView with examples 3
Difference between HTML and ASP.NET 3
ASP.NET Controls (Text box, drop down list, checkbox etc.,) 3
Validation Controls in ASP.NET 3
ASP.NET State Management – Client Side Techniques 3
ASP.NET State Management – Server Side Techniques 3
Page Life Cycle in ASP.NET 3
ASP.NET Master pages 3
ASP.NET User Controls 3
Custom Error Handling in ASP.NET 3
Introduction to AJAX 3
XML Concept 3
ASP.NET Web Services (asmx services) 3
Creating a 3-Tier Architecture Project 3
Introduction to WCF Services 3
Introduction to .Net MVC 3
AngularJS and Angular 3
Introduction to Typescript 3
Entity Framework 3
Web API 3
Indexes, Cursors and Triggers in SQL 3

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